Sahara Treecelet

Do you want to be razor-focused? The Sahara Treecelet is made mainly of Brown Tiger’s Eye stone to encourage the boldness of a lion. Lava stones serve as a reminder of the destruction caused by deforestation. Unleash the lion inside you!


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trees planted

We plant in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal and Indonesia.

We can provide a certificate proving that we planted trees.

No trees were cut down to make this bracelet.

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- Sara Voigt
Great contribution to nature!
I love this bracelet! I always wanted to help the nature. I love forests the most, so it is perfect.
- Lucas Taylor
United Kingdom
Great contribution to nature!
I bought "Aruba" Treecelet for my wife. I wanted to give her something special and I thought planting some trees for her would be really nice. And the shipping was fast!