Arctic Treecelet

We know life can be frustrating at times. The Arctic Treecelet is made of Howlite gemstones that help you stay calm in those situations. Lava stones are used as a reminder of the destruction caused by deforestation. Stay calm, unless it’s about nature – in which case act now.


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trees planted

We plant in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal and Indonesia.

We can provide a certificate proving that we planted trees.

No trees were cut down to make this bracelet.

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- Sara Voigt
Great contribution to nature!
I love this bracelet! I always wanted to help the nature. I love forests the most, so it is perfect.
- Lucas Taylor
United Kingdom
Great contribution to nature!
I bought "Aruba" Treecelet for my wife. I wanted to give her something special and I thought planting some trees for her would be really nice. And the shipping was fast!