Our mission

Our mission is to create a positive impact on nature, animals and people.

We do this by planting trees, supporting various charities and providing honest services here and around the world.

Why do we do it?

Because we believe that entrepreneurship is the way to make the fastest change in the world today. We want to show and be an example to other businesses that we can create amazing things through entrepreneurship.


So far, we have planted trees in more than 10 locations around the world and in Slovenia. See our biggest projects below.


Location: Karst
Primary species: oak
Plants Treecelet planting team


Location: western part of the Usambara Mountains
Primary species: oak, moringa, pine
Plants Treecelet planting team

Amazon rainforest

Location:Goiás, Maranhão, and Piauí
Primary species: Mangroves, Jurema Branca, Jatoba
Tree planting partner: Eden Reforestation Projects


Location: Ankarafantsika National Reserve, Mahajanga
Primary species: mangroves
Tree planting partner: Eden Reforestation Projects


Location: island of Biak
Primary species: mangroves
Tree planting partner: Eden Reforestation Projects


Location: Southern Haiti
Primary species: mangroves, citrus trees
Tree planting partner: Eden Reforestation Projects

It all started...

In 2018, as a small family business, we started thinking about how we can give more to nature than we take away.

So we started planting trees as a family. It felt great and we wanted to share that feeling with the world. We believe that everyone can be part of a positive change.

A year later, Treecelet was born. A project created to put a positive impact on the world before profit.

Our journey of planting trees around the world continues today.

But today we are not alone, as more than 50 thousand people around the world are planting trees with us. Thank you!

Kindness. Positivity. Honesty.

Treecelet is more than planting trees and caring for nature. When we say making a positive impact on the world, we also mean people.

Our products are made the honest way. Most of our bracelets are made in Slovenia.

They are made by young mums from home. This way we give them the opportunity to work and at the same time to take care of their young children.

We also work with jewellery artists in Bali. It is with every purchase that you support the honest work of people here and around the world.


When you buy our products, you are voting for a positive change in the world. Give yourself over to the adventure we will create together.

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