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Best-selling bracelet for women

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Madagascar | Bracelet

Madagascar | Bracelet

🌳 Plant 3 trees with the purchase of this product

Deforestation is an ongoing environmental issue in Kenya. It is estimated that in the last 50 years, Kenya has lost almost half of its forest land. When you purchase a Kenya Bracelet, you plant 3 trees in the Great Rift Valley and along the Northern coast, while raising awareness about deforestation in Kenya.

Best-selling men's bracelet

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Indonesia | Bracelet

Indonesia | Bracelet

🌳 Plant 3 trees with the purchase of this product

Indonesia is home to 10-15% of all known plants, mammals and birds on the planet; and every one of them is threatened by intense deforestation. When you purchase an Indonesia bracelet, you plant 3 trees on Biak Island while raising awareness about deforestation in Indonesia and its effect on both wildlife and our lives.

Best-selling set of 4 bracelets

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4-Pack Tree Bundle

4-Pack Tree Bundle

🌳 Plant 12 trees with the purchase of this product

Can’t decide which bracelet or tree-planting project is the best for you? Purchase the Ultimate 4-Pack Tree Bundle and get our four best-selling bracelets: Indonesia, Madagascar, Kenya, and Haiti. This way, you support all four of our biggest tree-planting projects by planting 3 trees in each area. By purchasing this bundle, and planting a total of twelve trees, you make the greatest impact with the best value.

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The perfect gift
Tanya on Jan 09, 2023

Simply the perfect gift with meaning! If you don’t know what to buy to remember someone by, Treecelet bracelets are ideal.

Beautiful bracelets with a beautiful purpose
Marja on Jan 03, 2023

What I like most is that they are not just pretty bracelets, but they have a good purpose. I am happy to help plant trees with every purchase. Thank you Treecelet!

Thank you!!!
Nick on Dec 20, 2022

Fast delivery and beautiful bracelets. No complaints!

Keep it up
Sania on Dec 05, 2022

There are few companies that do as much good for the world as Treecelet. I would be very happy to buy from you again, hats off to you.

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