The only monthly bracelet subscription that plants trees.

The only monthly bracelet subscription that plants trees.


One bracelet.
Five trees planted.
Every single month.

One bracelet.
Five trees planted.
Every single month.

$20 /month

Automated monthly payment.
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

How does it work?

Without subscribers, there would be no green forest movement. It’s the loyalty of our subscribers that allows us to do what we do and achieve our common goal – to make the world greener every single day.

Our subscribers are also the first people to get our Bracelet of the Month and receive exclusive access to products that are not even in the store yet. Subscribers are also the first in line for notifications about promos and new content.

Join the club

Commit to a greener world and join thousands of people who are taking action to end the world’s deforestation crisis by planting trees and reducing their consumption of products that cause trees to be felled.

Support our mission

Each month, you’ll help fund global tree planting projects, support efforts to educate the public, invest in new technology and products and make donations to our non-profit partners.

Get cool stuff

Be the first to get the Bracelet of the Month, receive exclusive offers, earn rewards, stay up to date on the latest news and more.


Tell your friends

Talk about the commitment you’ve made and invite others to join the green forest movement too. Together, we can end the deforestation crisis.

What do you get?

Monthly bracelet

We’ll ship our Bracelet of the Month to you 2 weeks before it’s available online. Each bracelet represents an animal or ecosystem that has been affected by deforestation.


Early access to new offers

You’ll get to hear important news, order new products and take advantage of exclusive deals before anyone else.

Interaction with Treecelet

We need you! We’ll ask for feedback, ideas and insights as we work to improve our business and advance our mission.

Exclusive rewards

Green Forest Club members are the foundation of the green forest movement. To thank you for your loyalty, we’ll hook you up with exclusive offers.


New month, new cause.

Tanzanija Rose Gold

Tanzania is among the top-ranking countries affected by deforestation. Approximately 100 species of mammals and birds are threatened with extinction. We have dedicated Tanzania bracelets to promoting and sustaining the recovery of this fragile habitat, as it is vital to the global ecosystem. Each Tanzania bracelet purchased finances the planting of three trees in the Tanzanian forest and spreads our message on social media.

What do subscribers say?

"The most important thing about these delicate little bracelets is that they protect and build up our nature – the "trees on the wrist "constantly remind us how important it is!"

Hanna S.

"Great idea! Trees are planted and at the same time I get a really nice bracelet as a souvenir."

Barbara N.

"A beautiful bracelet and for a good cause! I'm happy that a few more trees could be planted!"

Gisela E.

"The bracelets are very beautiful, and I wear them with pride. I hope the forests will recover in the next decade from the disasters and young trees will continue to grow. We will definitely do that."

Sandra D.

"The bracelet is super beautiful, looks very high quality and fits well. Really a very nice accessory with which you can also support a good cause. 100% recommended."

Tanja D.

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